Does more expensive = better product?

Does more expensive = better product?


You hear it all the time—“Well, you get what you pay for…”—and, sometimes, it’s true. For sure, when it comes to a $5 tattoo or gas-station sushi, you likely need to invest more money for a better (and healthier!) experience.


But does shelling out more money always mean higher quality when it comes to beauty products like lash enhancers?


Not always. Sometimes, it’s more important to value what’s in a product than how much it costs. The truth is, the high price tag on beauty products often comes more from fancy marketing and pretty packaging than it does from quality ingredients.


Case in point? My journey to find an affordable, effective way to get the lashes of my dreams.


So many (expensive) options


As someone who isn’t a fan of wearing make-up most of the time, but who also wants fluffy, long lashes, I’ve considered plenty of ways to enhance my lashes sans-mascara.


I thought about lash tinting. Lash lifting sounded great, until I saw an unsettling YouTube clip of a girl accidentally melting off her eyelashes.


Eyelash extensions were fun for a while, but finding the right technician was a struggle—as was my ability to justify the huge hit to my bank account with every installation or fill.


Next, I heard the buzz about lash serums that made your eyelashes grow stronger and longer. Lash serums seemed like a great option—simple to use and maintain… but still with a pretty big cost. Oh, and the ingredients.


Affordable and effective?


Quality and quantity can exist without the spendy-dollar figure!


I worked to find a formula for lash serum—Mojé—that’s all natural. Sulphate free. Fragrance free. And, for a fraction of the cost of other, more expensive products. With three times the quantity at a fraction of the price of other serums, Mojé gives you what you want (longer, thicker lashes and eyebrows), without paying high-end prices.