How To Recognize a Good Lash Artist


 1. Prioritizes lash health over profit


This is the kind of lash artist who has integrity, and isn’t afraid to tell their client when lashes could potentially be damaging.

Consider this - if your hair was weak and brittle would you want your hair stylist to proceed with bleaching your hair anyway?

The same premise should be considered when a client is requesting for 10D 15mm lashes.

Could the clients natural lashes handle the weight? Would this cause long-term damaging effects?

(Hint: The answer is yes.)


2. Values education and makes a consistent effort to stay-up-to-date with industry standards knowledge, and development.


Fact: Staying on top of lash education requires continuous time and $$$

Consider this - What may have been known to be “right” 10 years ago could easily be deemed completely wrong today. Would you want your lash artist to use outdated knowledge from years ago on you now? Eek, methinksnot.


3. Understands the value behind her/his work and does not cheapen their worth.


As someone who studies Psychology and has an innate fascination and passion for human behavior, I can say with confidence that one thing rings true – a stylist will always charge what they believe they are worth. If a stylist is willing to charge $50 for a full set, what does that say regarding their beliefs about their own work?

What kind of products are they using to warrant this low price? How much time are they investing into bettering their craft? How much do they care about the work they’re putting on your eyes?

Consider this – If you as a stylist know your worth and fully aware that what you bring to the table is nothing short of AMAZING, would you ever sell yourself short? (Would a strong and confident woman ever settle for a f*ckboy?) Of course not! Now consider what risks you are taking when this person is putting their work on you.

I hope this is helpful for anyone who is in need of understanding the important things to consider when choosing a lash artist. Like anything else, an informed decision is a smart decision. Choose wisely.